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There are two basic options offered, each of which can be customized to fit individual needs.  What needs to be done on your end for site set-up is explained below the features and cost description.

#1.  The traditional web site with it's own individual domain name.

#2.  Web site hosting on a site with the domain name provided by WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS, INC.  The intent of this option is to create a co-op form of web advertising  to strengthen web visibility of the participants in high ranking search returns.  Web pages will appear just like any other web page.  To avoid conflict of interest in search returns only ONE full service studio will be accepted in each provided domain per state.  However, a specialty shop, such as fish only, can still be considered if a state already has a full service shop listed.  This option is on a first come, first served basis.  Check for availability.
See a sample site for Option #2.

With either option, clients will also receive listings and links on these sites:
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WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS  Whitetail Taxidermist Directory
REAL DEER FORMS  Whitetail Deer Taxidermists with Web Sites
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Cost of web site

#1.  The traditional web site with it's own individual domain name.

(Option #2 costs will be $350 for the first year with no additional charge for domain or domain renewal.  All other costs will be the same as Option #1.)

A basic five page site is $398 for the first year, this includes the cost of the domain name, and housing of the same.  Domain housing is done through a specialty company.

After the first year fee, site housing and maintenance is $19.95 per month, payable in advance.  The time period covered for the second year fee is to December 28, 2010.  At that time, the server hosting contract for WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS, INC. will be due for renewal.  This simplifies billing for all concerned.  Domain name renewals come due at the same time. 

Financial liability of domain name renewal falls on the web site owner, but it is billed directly to WTDS.  The current cost is $48.00 for the subsequent two year period.

To recap, a basic five page site with it's own domain name is $398 for the first full year of service, second period is $19.95 per month times number of months left to December 28, 2010.

If additional pages over the five in the basic package are desired, the set-up cost for these pages will be billed out at $25 per hour, contact me for a time or cost estimate if you would like.  Second period service charges remain the same.

Maintenance-Changes and Additions

Once the site design is approved by the owner, and published to the web, any desired changes or additions will be billed out at $25 per hour with a minimum charge of $25.

Page Size

Each web page shall not, will not exceed exceed 60 kb in size.  Search returns by Google will identify the kb size of the web page.


Payment for services can be made by phone with a charge card.  For security puposes, contact me by phone or e-mail for a physical address to send check or money order by snail mail.  1-866-849-9198  e-mail

What needs to be done on your end.

First off, I will need a phone number for you, and what hours that you will be available at that number, or call me so we can set the site up to your preferences. After that, the simplest and most efficient manner to handle the web site set-up is by e-mail.

Photos need to be sent to me in a jpeg format.  They can be either e-mailed to me, which is preffered, or be sent by snail mail on a CD or floppy disk.

The text content of a web site is ALL important.  You can write your own text rough draft to accompany the photos, and then we can work on the rough draft together until we get it right for the web.

That's about all there is to it.
                                              Glen Conley