Bald eagle taxidermy on wood stub habitat.
Cougar taxidermy mount on rock shelf taxidermy habitat display.
Grey fox on wall shelf taxidermy habitat display.
Mountain goat on rock ledge taxidermy habitat display.
Largemouth bass stringer mount in shadow box.
Walleye on log slab panel display.
Balck bear taxidermy mount on floor taxidermy habitat base.
Leopard with kill on artificial limb as a habitat display.
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Lady Amherst pheasant taxidermy mount on driftwood display.
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Habitat for a taxidermy mount can greatly accent the piece as this select piece of driftwood does for this Lady Amherst pheasant, or the old wood stub that the bald eagle perches on.
Custom made rock shelf displays not only accent, but serve a practical function if floor space congestion is an issue..  The cougar, mountain goat, and grey fox all illustrate the effectiveness of wall displays,
Fish mount diplays can also be enhanced as wall hangers with an accent piece.  The simple shadow box design sets off the largemouth bass stringer mount, while a simple log slab adds to the walleye display.
The lifesize black bear benefits with the mass of a floor base.  Bases such as this can have rollers incorporated into the base to allow for easier cleaning, or simply moving the piece to another location.
If room allows, a large display such as the leopard on a limb with it's kill makes an impressive display.